Friday, January 23, 2009

20th Jan - Happy Obama Day!!!

Mr. Obama took over the post of the most powerful person on this earth on 20th January 2009. No body knows how this day would be remembered in the pages of history, some 50 years since now. Either he would be cherished for steering the economy of US and the world out of the worst ever crisis that mankind has ever faced or would be remembered as a flunky with just good oratory skills. He has made enough waves through out the world already. Every morning since last 4 days, I am waking up to a newspaper with a 4x4 picture of Obama kissing his wife. I wonder why only kissing shots get printed? Is the media trying to bring some cheer and love amidst the crisis times or is it trying to portray the caring side of the man? Whatever the reason may be, the whole world is looking up to him. Obama's swearing-in ceremony was watched by billions over the world. And as usual he did not disappoint with his first speech as a president. I guess he must be paying big to his speech writers. Click, an idea just struck more advantage of blogging - one day you can aspire to become the speech writer of a president!
With so much of attention falling upon him, what would he be feeling like? Would he be getting sleepless nights thinking about the uphill task of reviving the economy that lies in front of him? Would he be having loose motions or constipation thinking about the jihad outfits? These answers can be given by only him but still it amazes me.
Analysts who are optimistic about the crisis say that it will take an year or so for things to revive. Guess what the pessimists would be estimating. An year or so for God sake!!! Another of my friend's got laid off...sad times are these. Whatever you do Mr. Obama, may God be with you (literally) because we know you need him and we know we all need him :)


  1. You want to write a speech for our *current* President? I don't think I've ever heard her speak! But writing a speech for our immediate ex-President would've been an honour.

    And as for Obama's pictures kissing his wife, well nothing beats depression blues like some gool ol' lovin' :)

  2. Our beloved ex-president definetly does not require a speech writer. He is very creative and has exceptional orator skills himself.

    yeah, i guess people must be looking at the pictures and thinking 'atleast someone's happy and motivated...' :)