Saturday, January 17, 2009

Masakalli Masakalli.....Tera Emotional Atyachar

Aye Masakalli Masakalli, Ud Matakalli MatakKalli
Aye Masakalli Masakalli, Ud Matakalli MatakKalli
Zara Pankh Zhatak, Gayi Dhool Atak aur Lachak Machak ke Door bhatak
Ud Dagar Dagar Kasbe Khooche Nukkad Basti Mein yeaaiyeee
Masakalli Masakalli, Ud Matakalli Matakalli
If you are wondering what the hell is is one of the songs of Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor starrer Delhi 6. Music by A.R. Rahman and crooned by Mohit Chauhan. Yes, you guessed it right, he is the same guy who sung Na hai yeh paana, na khona hai from Jab We Met. I am sure this still does not clear the mystery of what is this song about. Penned down by Prasoon joshi, Masakalli is the name of the pigeon who flutters in the song. And of course it is sitting on Sonam Kapoor's head in the song. The tune is very catchy and the video has a very Old Delhi kind of feel to it. A sure entertainer....BTW Sonam is looking absolutely gorgeous in her just out of the bed look...i have become a fan for sure.
Coming to the second one...Tera Emotional Atyachar! This is a very different a very different way. OK even i did not get it, too many differents. It is from Dev.D. It sounds like the shaadi ka band singing in a baraat. You will get the same vibes!!! The tempo and the pitch of the song make it a very unique.
The songs of our beloved movies are really coming of an age. Rahman has a history of such songs, for e.g. Humma humma and chaiyya chaiyya. I still did not get the meaning of these words and am sure the lyricist of these would be in the same situation. However the tunes really catch us up.
Masakalli - A track not to be missed. Actually you can't miss this. In a week it would be on all FM stations. And the soulful voice of Mohit is outstanding!!!


  1. I love this song... and thats what i am humming these days!!! Was also planning to put a post on this!!!!

    Waiting very very eagerly for Dilli 6!!!!

  2. The 2nd one.. tauba tera jalwa tauba tera pyar.. right?? Quite an interesting song that too!!

  3. I love Masakkali & I like Emotional Atyachar too. Such innovative & interesting lyrics these days!

  4. Masakalli literally dosen't mean anything. It is one of the innovations of our dear lyricists for naming the pigeon in the song...