Monday, January 12, 2009

Challenges of the Continuum

It has been some minutes that i made my first post, in the entirety of it, a token of conformity with my friends. Though i felt like applauding the Blogger team for keeping it so simple for a new signee (not exactly a new one but i have a new blog though), it was just not easy for me! The caffeine was not effective as it was 3.00 PM and i was struggling to find a name for my blog. I thought of random words and...and hence goes the mystery of christening my blog down the drain.

I felt gratified that something not so random came out of this...however this trance did not last long. The inherent pressures of making a first post haunted my mental foregrounds and i started thinking what to write? A thank you note for the people who had introduced me to this some years back or about the boredom faced in reading your own blog or just something random again?

Somehow I made the first post and then came the time for the second. I really wanted to write something good but the problem persisted. What to write??? I kept thinking about it... Is it the day or the time or just me? But when i scroll up, i see i have made a post and another one. Guess that's all for a continuum!

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