Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How I Taught My Grandmother To Read

Even before your imagination runs wild, i would like to clarify, that my grand mom was literate and could read and write in 3 languages. How many can i, thinking, thinking? 4, i guess. No, it would be 3 and half. I can't write one of the four. Then what is this post about??? A book by Sudha Murthy. Yes, you guessed it right, she is the wife of the great honcho Mr. Narayana Murthy!

On a recent trip to Bangalore, a friend of mine gifted this book to me. Apparently Ms. Murthy is also based in B'lore. I guess this tendency of linking things come to the fore with me at times! Anways, the book is a collection of short stories or rather real life instances that happened with her over a period of number of years and have been penned down in a very simplistic manner. That's why it has been published by Puffin instead of Penguin. After reading it through, i was sure that these stories are not just meant for the children. And when i say children, that does not necessarily mean me! My mother had finished her marathi book by that time and i suggested her to read this one. Apparently, she loved the stories and instances and could relate to it much more that i did! I have not come across many books that would be equally liked by two generations. I could not say the same for one of my other favorites...The White Tiger!


  1. I found The White Tiger too be pretty good too. Not the story per se, but the writing style was definitely very engaging. I was racing through the book. Though I felt it was an extreme story & depicted India in very poor light.

  2. How i taught my grandmother to read... i loved this book!!! Totally enjoyed it..actually these are not really stories if you see!! Just some random incident narrated in an extremely simple, in an everyday language way!!! My sister had recommended this book to me!!!

    Try Ruskin Bond - Book of nature... extremely simple... where he talks about nature.. about lizards in the garden, butterflies.. trees.. bats etc... very evry delicious yet smple to read.. he can actually transport you into that world..

  3. How would you reconcile reading with blogging? Assuming one has finite free hours. I now tend to blog which has cut down reading time.

    I learnt a lot from my grandfathers. My paternal grandfather used to tell me stories of ramayan/ mahabharat before I began reading Amar Chitra Katha

    My maternal grandfather really encouraged me to read. He would tell me stories of WW2 and concentration camps when I was 8 and then said that I could find out more if I read. I was a voracious reader till I began to work

  4. I agree with the Knife that blogging does eat in to the reading time. However both are equally addictive...