Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Sony Ericsson W580i

Everyone is very possessive about their cell phones, not just because you may have some private stuff and not so private stuff in it, but it is a reflection of your day-to-day lives. I know some would let their mind horses loose when i say private stuff but it is open to interpretations :) Coming back to the point that an innate necessity of privacy creeps in when someone is near your phone or even have their eyes glued on to it when it rings (to see who is calling) or on a message beep. I know this is very annoying and people must respect other's privacy...A cell phone has become so much more than an accessory nowadays.

But today my post is not about this. It is about some cool stuff that i can do with my phone. It is a Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman. Apart from the sleek looks, good music output, superb bass boost, a decent camera clarity, it has some not so common features. Particularly for fitness. Yes, it has an auto step count which displays number of steps taken, the distance covered and the number of calories burnt. You can record and analyse the results for a period of a month and it throws up charts and graphs of your performance. It also calibrates it against your height and weight to give you the standards. I have checked the output for distance through my gaadi's distance meter and this thing is damn accurate. All i need to do is to keep the step count on and keep the phone in my pocket! So much to motivate you to go for a regular jog/walk :)


  1. I own the same cellphone :) I bought it about 8 n half months back. It has some good features but there are few bad notes about it too which i dont want to write here becoz u just bought it ;)

    eg, It counts the bumps when you are driving as step counts and in the end of the day u r too happy to see 10,000 steps. you cant listen songs thru earphone when you are charging it. Just try to set wallpaper thru camera albums, its annoying. for going back to desktop there is no big-red-End button. you have to do back back and back to reach there. and if u didnt like the wallpaper u just set, again go thru menu to the album. It doesnt disply the area name. of last call's details very easily. The list is long.

    but this is small price for the awesome sound and decent camera it has.

  2. I own the same phone too! It's super cool though I do miss my razor :(

    Coming to the point of being possessive about one's cellphone, I hate it when my cousins etc. want my phone to play games :)

  3. I am very possessive about my phone!!!! I find it extremely irritating, highly annoying when people take a quick peep to check whose calling.. makes me want to slap them!!!

  4. i completely agree with KD on all the points. Apart from this there is no option of turning off the back lights as well! But overall a nice phone...